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Miles Electric Solar Energy Installation

Perry Miles has received his NABCEP certification for solar energy installation in 2012 and now provides solar systems service in all states.

The people who install a solar energy system on your home or business are as important to its success as the system you invest in. That’s why more consumers are insisting on NABCEP certificants. From technical sales to PV and solar heating installation, you want the quality assurance associated with NABCEP certifications—widely recognized as the “gold standard” for renewable energy professionals.

Perry Miles has earned the right to be a NABCEP Certified. And he is in demand as more state incentive programs, employers, insurers
and bid documents recognize the value and peace of mind that comes with hiring individuals who have attained this professional accomplishment.

When you hire a contractor with NABCEP certified professionals working on your project, you can have confidence that your job is getting
done by solar professionals with the “know-how” you need. They are part of a select group of individuals who have distinguished themselves.
They’ve achieved certification only through specialized solar training and on-the-job experience, and they’ve passed a rigorous exam to prove they have the knowledge and professionalism necessary to assure the safety and quality of their work.

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